Crafting Cinematic Brilliance Worldwide 🎬

Meet Dharmesh Parikh, a seasoned Line Producer hailing from Rhythm House Films and Events, and renowned as one of New Zealand’s most well-connected visionaries. Cornerstone (India) Advertisement companies entrusted Dharmesh to spearhead the production of adfilms and digital content for global giants One8 (Puma) and MPL (Mobile Premier League).

In a cinematic spectacle, the project starred none other than the legendary former Indian Cricket Captain, Virat Kohli. Dharmesh seamlessly orchestrated a top-notch Film Production crew based in Christchurch, ensuring the delivery of outstanding results. The crafted content served as a captivating advertisement for a worldwide audience.

This cinematic endeavor unfolded in 2020, coinciding with the Indian Cricket Team’s tour to New Zealand, marking a milestone in the fusion of sports and entertainment on the global stage. Join us on this cinematic journey, where passion meets precision, and creativity knows no bounds. 🌏🎥 #FilmProduction #GlobalCreativeExcellence #CinematicJourney